Goodwill Pickups 12 – 26 – 2017


Small pickup nothing too impressive the George Strait cassette is sealed so that’s a plus, mite review the Hee Haw album in the future something about caught my attention, gotta feeling there’s something good on there, special place in my heart for Miami bass so Anquette was definitely worth picking up, not often you see Luke Skywalker stuff around this area, so it was definitely worth it…

Billy Currington ~ Billy Currington ~ Review #1

Came across this and a few others I had got from Crystal before she left, i was already familiar with Billy from his later work and i liked it, so i thought i would give this one a listen, overall this was a really fun album lots of uptempo stuff surprising for a country album, it definitely has the Nashville sound so it doesn’t touch on too much other than the usual Staples of having a good time at the bar, girls, and tailgating, surprisingly it does slow things down for a song called Walk A Little Straighter it’s bit deeper than anything else on the album, overall it’s decent for what it is, his sound has definitely changed overtime as to be expected but i was still very pleased with what i heard…

Track Listings

  1. I Got A Feelin’
  2. That’s Just Me
  3. Hangin’ Around
  4. Off My Rocker
  5. Walk A Little Straighter
  6. Where The Girls Are
  7. Time With You
  8. When She Gets Close To Me
  9. Growin’ Up Down There
  10. Next Time
  11. Ain’t What It Used To Be


Katie’s Sweet 16 

Went to the party in support of the wonderful Allison for her daughter’s birthday, it was nice very hadn’t seen her in a while so I figured I’d show my face and catch up on things, the pictures don’t show it but Katie enjoyed herself too lol, lots of sandwiches and chips, i remember and some kind of punch that was made with lemonade it was all that bad, i definitly need to get the recipe for it next time I see her, when i do i will share it lots of love it was a really nice celebration…

Like Incense

Sometimes when missing her is just too much I light one

Not to smoke or anything

Just to please my senses other than visual

Eventually i know the smoke will die and I’ll be alone again 

But for the moment as it burns I’ll make the most of it

Office Christmas Party 

So Shelly invited me to her office Christmas party last night, and man was it really amazing, they had food all over the place and a jazz band playing, I’m not sure who they had doing the catering but they had some of the best fried chicken I ever had in my life, it was so beautifully set up they had Christmas trees and all sorts of decorations all over the place to set the ambiance, they even had a photographer taking pictures in one area, they really went all out, then there was the outdoor part where they had a really good DJ and a dance floor they played something for everyone, the thing i liked most was that it was all love there, yeah sure maybe it was cause it was an office Christmas party and nobody wanted to get fired but there wasn’t that whole I’m standing over here cause I’m better that you sorta vibe going on and that was cool…

I really went home happy that night, spending time with Shelly always makes my heart smile but when I think about how much fun I had knowing how the holidays aren’t really the best of time for me, especially with my last year experience I feel so warm…