Office Christmas Party 

So Shelly invited me to her office Christmas party last night, and man was it really amazing, they had food all over the place and a jazz band playing, I’m not sure who they had doing the catering but they had some of the best fried chicken I ever had in my life, it was so beautifully set up they had Christmas trees and all sorts of decorations all over the place to set the ambiance, they even had a photographer taking pictures in one area, they really went all out, then there was the outdoor part where they had a really good DJ and a dance floor they played something for everyone, the thing i liked most was that it was all love there, yeah sure maybe it was cause it was an office Christmas party and nobody wanted to get fired but there wasn’t that whole I’m standing over here cause I’m better that you sorta vibe going on and that was cool…

I really went home happy that night, spending time with Shelly always makes my heart smile but when I think about how much fun I had knowing how the holidays aren’t really the best of time for me, especially with my last year experience I feel so warm…

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