Goodwill Awesomeness 

Goodwill had been pretty rough the last few times I’d gone but man did they make up for it today, I figure these all come from the same collection as they all share genre pretty much, they were in blue shoe box…

I don’t know where to begin I guess with the Garth stuff, I’ve been doing a side project of trying to collect all the original Garth Brooks and George Strait albums out there in the wild, on the George side of the things I’ve been lucky but the fact Brooks was so popular mixed with after his retirement he stopped reissues it made collecting for him a challenge…

This find definitely made a sizable dent in both tho, I think I’m about 75% on the Brooks project, I just can’t believe I found the first release my jaw still drops at the thought of it all, I definitely gotta check if it’s common or not…

The other stuff were just extra picks that looked interesting but it should be noted i have a feeling the Clifton album is very rare I bet, I don’t really collect for rarity or price but I am interested in seeing if it’s worth anything or not, that Kingdom Heirs looks really promising…

Can’t say when but I’ll be doing reviews on all these in time, what a find definitely made going to Goodwill worthwhile again…

3 thoughts on “Goodwill Awesomeness 

    • Wow a response from Oasis I know I’ve made it big time now lol, I’d say I’m at about 60 cassettes the price was the main factor for this pick up

      I see we share a common interest I figure I’ll post some viny I just hadn’t seen any pages with an interest for it

      Keep up those awesome reviews by the way lots of good content your putting out there 👍

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