Dance Grooves V.1 ~ Review #8

A really interesting find from the Dollar tree, one of my first pickups way back when, definitely some good stuff here it’s lots of sunny beach kind of dance tracks, it’s a double disc compilation and for the most part i liked it, I remember it got a lot of play in the beginning no real gripes I can give for what it is, I do think it’s a little rare I’ve not seen it any of the other places I’ve been to, it’s worth a pick up if you come across it in the wild…

Track Listings

Disc: 1

  1. Last Night A DJ Saved My Life – Seamus Haji
  2. Sweat – Anthony Acid
  3. Most Precious Love – Blaze
  4. Gabryelle – DJ Technic
  5. Have A Good Time – T.M.L.
  6. Infused Trash – Greg Churchill
  7. New Life – Memento
  8. Thinking Of You – Tali
  9. Don’t Go – Peter Luts
  10. Changes – Inner State
  11. Sincere 2005 – Firewall
  12. Compadre – Manny Romero

Disc: 2

  1. Make ‘Em Share It – Wahoo
  2. You Got To – Lawnchair Generals
  3. Music’s Gotcha Jumpin’ – Groove Junkies
  4. Running Away – Belezamusica
  5. Yesterday’s Gone – Orekid
  6. Life – Grant Nelson
  7. The Power – Ian Carey
  8. Jus Luv Piano – Deepgroove
  9. Feel The Summer – Montoja
  10. Closer – The Pull
  11. Play Your Favorite Song – Amba
  12. Clear Sky – V-Block

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