The Lost Video #1 

Oh man definitely blushing at this one but I’ll still post it, here’s a lost video I made for a friend, I had this thing where I was gonna show an album a day from my collection and give my commentary on it, lol yes I know it’s rough around the edges and yes I cringe at it every time I look at it but hey you gotta start somewhere, there’s another video I did if I find it then I shall post it, only for you guys cause your the greatest 😄…

5 thoughts on “The Lost Video #1 

  1. I still have my CD of ‘The Benedictine Monks of San Domingo de Silas’, and I like them quite a bit. They got big on the radio in the late 90’s I think when someone mixed their chants with some beats and I took the bait. Good stuff.


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