Randy Travis ~ Always & Forever ~ Review #11

Well before anything one must admire the cover, I thought it was a fluke or something it had to be a varient or promo but nope this is the true cover, just shocked me in a way there’s nothing too country about it, could’ve passed for a pop release almost…

So here we have Randy’s second album, I picked this one up at Kathy’s, I got it more or less for nostalgia sake, this is where my country roots started, I think I was like six or so and I remember Randy being the first artist I liked, of course the song forever and ever amen was everywhere at the time so i guess that was the song that stsrted it all…

So on to the album well other than the cover I was surprised to see it was released in 1987 I surely thought early 90s as i remember seeing it so much as a kid, as far as the music goes it follows the typical country formula of the time not all that many chances were twken with subject matter, even still I liked although looking at the run time of only 30:33 it was a little short for me…

Wow so reading the liner notes I see that Merle Haggard was a cowritter on here, not to sure the relationship he and Randy shared it’ll be interesting to read about, as far as production it’s of course all done by Kyle Lehning, it has its high and low moments but it’s balanced well…

Overall it’s a really good album I say worth a pickup if your a fan of traditional style country, definitely one you can put on and groove, I mean it’s Randy Travis afterall, definitely a really solid release…

Track Listings

  1. Too Gone Too Long
  2. My House
  3. Good Intentions
  4. What’ll You Do About Me
  5. I Won’t Need You Anymore
  6. Forever & Ever, Amen
  7. I Told You So
  8. Anything
  9. The Truth Is Lyin’ Next To You
  10. Tonight We’re Gonna Tear Down The Walls

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