Person Of Interest Season One ~ Review #12 

So as way back as it seems in 2012 I was walking past the tv one night and I saw a commercial advertising this brand new spy show, revolutionary they said it’d be, a new direction on an old premise, and more action and explosions then I could imagine of course, so i guess something about it caught my attention and I watched it from the debut…

Which is really rare on my end, I can’t say the last show I committed myself too then or now on tv, but I did with this one and for what is was worth I wasn’t disappointed, it’s a spy show but not in a cheesy way, the character development is good as well as the writing, it definitely isn’t a baddie of the week kinda show, in fact the lines of who is a good and bad guy are so blurred it doesn’t really matter all that much as it adds to the suspense, I think that’s what I like most about it, the characters are really human instead of one dimension…

So back then I finished the first season thru and thru but I enjoyed so much I got the box set to keep me going until season two came around, I think I was traveling a lot or something because before I knew it I  was passing in front the tv and I saw that they were advertising the new season, but by then I had missed a few episodes, I knew I had to catch up because this is the kinda show where every episode matters so I just thought I’d wait until the set came out and I’d get it… 

Well fast forward to now i never did get the second season, but I never had forgotten the show tho, I guess I can catch it on Netflix now so I suppose I’ll stream it that way and see what’s been going on with everything, if a spy drama is your thing it’s definitely worth checking out…

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