Blogoquent Winner!!! 

Winners of the BLOGOQUENT Competition!  –

Hey to all I am so happy to announce that I’ve won the blogoquent contest, the challenge was to write what life was in one sentence, I gotta be honest I am so surprised that I was even noticed, I was really amongst greatness as far as competition goes, some truly gifted writers with some truly gifted answers but someway somehow my stuff got noticed…

It wasn’t as much of a contest of who had the best answer as it was a most liked answer kinda thinng, some of those that entered were so very popular I’m surprised I stood a chance amongst them all, since it was driven by likes i thought most of there auidence would boost there score, some way I ended up in the top five highest voted answers so that means i won it and I will gladly show it with proudness lol…

I want to accept this not only for myself I do it for the smaller bloggers, the ones that are putting out great quality without sacrificing their integrity, in my short time here I’ve been fortunate to come across some truly amazing people that truly deserve to be up there with the greats, I also wanna accept this for the sake of creation, we all know as bloggers we have the ultimate freedom of creation and expression, but there are times I’m sure we all have those moments where we feel conflicted between if what we wanna say is what we wanna have out there for the sake of viewership…

Thank you beyond words for all the people that voted for my entry, as well as all those that have taken the time to follow my blog, I promise you that it will not go in vain, at this very moment I feel more inspired than I ever have in my entire life, and I have no one to thank other than each and every one of wonderful you for it…

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