Little Axe Records ~ A Little Bit Of Hurt ~ Review #14

So this is a compilation of what I think is either public domain stuff or maybe stuff that they got their hands on some other sort of way, as the title suggest itโ€™s songs about heartbreak and getting over it all, the genres are all over the place which is pretty interesting cause I thought going in that it would have been deep soul or blues…

I like the variety of it all, the not knowing of all the artists is pretty cool to cause it gives me something to research, I think the only gripe if I had one would be that itโ€™s in low-fi not saying that a bad thing but I know thatโ€™s not how some of the songs were original released, a good mix of variety made it worth the pickup…


Pat Hervey Pain
โ€“Evangeline* Little Bit Of Hurt
โ€“Magic Tones* Together We Shall Overcome
โ€“Clyde McPhatter Lover Please
โ€“Barbara & The Browns Please Be Honest With Me
โ€“Pat Lundy & Bobby Harris A Thing Going On
โ€“Marvin Gaye You
โ€“Mary Wells Strange Love
โ€“J.J. Barnes* Don’t Bring Mo Bad News
โ€“O.V. Wright Born All Over
โ€“Yvonne Baker & The Sensations (2) When My Lover Comes Home
โ€“Ike & Tina Turner Pretend
โ€“Garnet Mimms Cry Baby
โ€“Joyce Davis Stop Giving Your Man Away
โ€“Blue Rhythm Combo Never Let A Kiss Fool You
โ€“Freddie Watson & The Restorators Unlucky Seven
โ€“Barbara & The Browns In My Heart
โ€“Bettye Swann Don’t Take My Mind
โ€“Eldridge Holmes Where Is Love?
โ€“Jimmy Sinclair When I Pray
โ€“Tarheel Slim & Little Ann You’re Gonna Reap
โ€“Nina Simone I Can’t See Nobody
โ€“Freddie Watson & The Restorators It’s All Over Now

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