Little Axe Records ~ International Funk ~ Review #15

Ok lol so that’s not the title of it but if I were to name it that’s what I would, another compilation album of all sorts of stuff, I would say of the two releases that I have at the moment from Little Axe Records I like this one a lot more, I think I’m a bit biased as it’s a funk album and oh how i love all things that are lol… 

This one really pulled no stops there’s an Egyptian song I like a lot, then it’s followed by this German kinda of sound with an epic baseline, not all the song have lyrics but some do and there really good too…

I guess the same gripe is there as the last time with it being low-fi, I would have liked to hear them as they were originally recorded but it’s not like it’s a deal breaker or anything, the best part I think is that they include the artist in the credits, there’s a few other compilations I have where for some reason they don’t include it, especially with something like this knowing the artist is crucial, definitely a great pickup I think I’m gonna check into what other releases they’ve put out as of late, I think they do vinyl as well and I’d definitely support that if they did…

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