Aaron Carter ~ Oh Aaron ~ Review #19

So more from the pop collection I picked up the other day we have this…. 

Well I will say that it’s exactly what I thought it would be, it’s pop not that anything is wrong with that but it’s that sugary makes no sense kinda pop music, but what can I say I mean it’s a teenage boy talking about teenage life I couldn’t have expected any type of deep meaningful lyrics or subject matter, there is a bright side to it all it’s fun and it’s light and for what it’s worth it serves it’s purpose really well, fun music just to listen and dance too, really not my thing as far as a pickup goes but it had a few fun moments…

I like when Aaron tries his hand at rapping, it’s one of those so bad it’s good kinda things, the production is silly for the most part and the songwriting is rough but what else could it really be, I won’t be too hard on it cause in a weird way I like it, what I wonder is the rest of the Aaron Carter catalogue, I wonder if he has any current stuff as an adult now, I may look in too that I’d like to see the progression that he’s made if any as an artist…

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