Brainstorming ☔

I gave myself five minutes to just write and whatever came out I’d keep it and call it brainstorming, it’s a little rough for my taste but I can see where I was going with it, I’m far from a poet lol…

As I continue with all I don’t understand 

How Marie says not having a father made her not know how to treat a man 

When I had nothing with no one so what does that make me 

Heartbroken thru what’s spoken but I can’t let I break me 

Truth be told it feels like hell’s where they take me 

As it happens I ask God to never forsake thee 

For my mind goes under when I’m left to wonder what was it that allocate she

To desire such a 180 

When good mornings / good nights that were practically daily 

Turn into goodbyes / good riddance but what most about it amaze me

Is how one talk could persuade she 

But to wonder I guess is what suspicion is 
And to not agree with change is what resistance is 

No longer matters the length I went or the many distances 

You tell them that your hurt and lose all phone privileges 

You know then you’ll never see you equal again because of a wall like division is ÷÷÷

But time heals all things maybe even how much I’m missing them 

I lose not hope of it, as I see it in my inner envisioning’s   

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