23 thoughts on “Jah Chill ~ Cory’s Clips #13

    • It need not be a miracle to have the epicness of Goldie in my rotation, first listen was during my satalite radio days, hooked ever since special place in my heart for breakbeats it’s what I grew up too, good to see a fellow beat practitioner


      • You just earned yourself some kudos from me, bud. I’m a massive fan of old school hardcore, breakbeat and DnB. I find them really good to mix with too. Producers like Ray Keith, Manix, 4hero, Goldie, Isotonik, Cloud 9, J.Majik (I could go on for ages) are geniuses. I think i might have to compile and mix something new for Mixcloud soon incorporating these genres. It’s been a long time.


        • It’s too often over looked the genius that goes into producing the following genres, of course our ears hear the beauty in the loops, breaks, and snyths, but to make it β€œnormal” to a casual listener is astounding really, it really deserves a lot more respect than what it gets

          How refreshing it is that you use the correct terms for sub genres, I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve tried to explain the difference between say D&B and Breakbeats, it’s not all techno there’s a difference lol!!!!

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        • I’m a huge fan of old school dance music so it’s sort of second nature to differentiate between sub genres. I labelled my most recent Mixcloud session as Piano House and somebody said they hadn’t heard it referred to via that sub genre in years. You get the kids nowadays that call everything EDM or house. Try telling them about trance, two-step, acid, ambient, Balearic or any other genre (sub or otherwise) and they’d look at you like you’re from another planet. Though somebody recently posted an “intelligent” drum n bass mix the other week and I was dumbfounded. Apparently it’s a sub genre of ambient drum and bass which in itself is a sub genre. Talk about making things confusing for the sake of doing so!


  1. Holy Shizz!!! I haven’t heard this for bloody ages!! I used to have it on an album … “Bam Bam” πŸ™‚ … oh gonna have to find it now … Thanks!!

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