Brainstorming #2 ☔

I gave myself five minutes to just write and whatever came out I’d keep it and call it brainstorming, it’s a little rough for my taste but I can see where I was going with it, I’m far from a poet lol…

Sad truth is I knew in the beginning it was never meant to be 

2 different ideas and visions of life mentally

Knowing it’ll never be enough as everything’s seen differently 

So I ask the reason you were sent to me 

Maybe you were sent to see

How far my love goes until my heart becomes dented she

Will show you how deep pain goes until you’re close to becoming dementedly

And when it’s over you’ll be strong without certainty 

Come what happens be purposely or inadvertently 

The hurt from she, will show you what is your worth to be 

Then without a doubt certainly 

Love of self will remain permanently 

15 thoughts on “Brainstorming #2 ☔

  1. Really good stuff! I love the way you doctored that to rhyme line for line and yet still communicated your feelings so perfectly. I feel your pain in this and it sucks. I don’t know how much use I’d be, but if you want to talk to a completely neutral party then drop me an email on my contact page and I’ll do all I can to help make sense of your situation with you 🙂

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    • Thanks for checking it out as always, with there being so many wonderful poets I follow it was only a matter of time I figure before I took a crack at it, I like the idea of giving the reader something different than the norm, be it topical or thru word patterns, the rest is just whatever inspires me really, I’m far from a poet tho so no diss to any of them out there, I respect the craft 😎

      Thanks for the consideration, pain is an awful thing isn’t it, but with overcoming it there’s a lot of greatness in that I feel, I’m passed the worst of it, and on to brighter days 🌞

      But I will take you up on your offer if ever the opportunity arises, thanks for the helping hand 👍

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      • No worries, dude. Your realism and honesty inspires me. I’ve always got time for inspirational people.

        I never would have known it was your first attempt had you not said. I don’t think it disrespects the craft of poetry at all. It compliments it. I look forward to seeing what other work lives in you.


    • Thanks it can be tricky sometimes as I’m a southerner, I mean to say that certain words that rhyme in the way of speech here don’t translate in written form

      But with that in mind I actually challenge myself to make the words work best thru a written form vs them being spoken it’s not like I’m saying thing out loud

      But more than anything it’s not like I’m a poet lol, thanks for the love tho 💓

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      • I think you worked it out very well with the structure of many of the lines, they were not standard(struggled to come up with a better way to describe that, but that was the best I had), but it made it fit nicely and uniquely. Pretty sure anyone can be a poet man. Just write poems. Don’t need a degree.
        All the love man.

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