Luv x 100 💛 ~ Cory’s Clips #29

I’m the farthest thing from a statistician I don’t worry all that much about the amount of likes or views that my posts get, I feel like as long as people can take something positive from what I put out there, that’s all that really matters cause I take and feel so much from all the wonderful things they put out, but today I can’t do anything but to smile I woke up to see that I have passed 100 followers!!! 

I know it’s no real huge accomplishment in the grand scheme of things but I’m proud myself, to know that there are people actually wanting to follow and see my little contributions to the world astounds me…

Truth is back is January I was really close to deleting and giving up on the blog all together, not for the sake of viewership, not that I had any anyway lol but I felt if I gave all that I was to people they wouldn’t accept it or understand, or to put it as it was told to me so often back then “all this stuff your saying you feel and care about, no one cares really they never will it’s life either you accept it or don’t I’m just telling you for your own good” granted that conversation had nothing to do with the blog but the message is the same, I felt if I put it out there the way that I wanted to that people truly wouldn’t care 😔😔😔

But as the old saying goes who has the last laugh, in my little four months of creation, I’ve won a contest against some top tier bloggers and thru that gained the respect of my peers in the community, I’ve made some awesome pals who I couldn’t see myself living life without, and of course this 100 plus people who took time to follow and care about what I have to contribute, and for that I couldn’t be more thankful…

If you take nothing else from this besides the fact that your awesome for following lol, let me be proof of the fact that no matter how bad the situation may be people do care, and you’re in no way defined by your situation or circumstance, or as it is in my case I’m not all that someone said I was to be, all else I can say thank you for everything you guys are the greatest and I truly mean that 💓

21 thoughts on “Luv x 100 💛 ~ Cory’s Clips #29

  1. Hey Cory – a belated congratulations on reaching this milestone. I must say that every now and then, I think about giving up on blogging due to other commitments but something always pulls me back. Yes, it is about meeting some great people out there but I think it’s also about creative expression and self discovery and finding that we’re not alone in that quest. I also think it’s like magic if at the press of a button you touch someones’s life even in the smallest way. The day you do that may just be the most important thing you do without even knowing it. Just keep going my friend!

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    • Hey Chev hope all is good around your way, thanks for the compliment I know it’s not the biggest accomplishment but I’m really proud of it in my own way

      Yes you know your so rite in a way there’s a positive and a negative to all this, good times and bad times, seems as of late mine have been leaning towards the not so good but I know if I stay hopeful it’ll all even out in time

      How are you I know things haven’t been all that peachy on your side either really, hope things have gotten better for you since then, if it hasn’t I’m sure in time

      Looking forward to what you have planned this Sunday, always a joy to see what other music lovers are enjoying, it’s one of my favorite things about the day other than the fact I get to be lazy for a bit lol

      Keep up the good work Chev you have a true fan in me always

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      • Ah! how sweet of you Cory. I’m so glad to hear that you look out for my music. Music always cheers me up and it’s my place of escape when I need to. Better still, when I get to share it!
        Yes, it is important to keep hopeful. Each day the sun rises again to bring new light and perspectives. Despite the troubles around me, I’m enjoying looking for the little things that make me happy. There is a lot of madness in the world but we each can make a difference in how we respond and survive through the down times. Have a lovely weekend Cory and may the sun shine brightly for you!

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