Jus Chill ~ Cory’s Clips #36

Today like all days I urge you to find time to chill, nothing’s really worth worrying over in the long term, easier said than done I know, I’m probably the last person you’d expect to tell you to not worry so much, but what does it accomplish doing so…

Finances got you tied up with no end in sight believe me we all been there,  maybe you not feeling so good health wise someone I’m sure someone has it worse and they’re trying or would love the opportunity to, trouble in paradise with a significant other believe me it’s nothing time won’t heal just don’t forget hopefully it’ll keep it from happening again…

I do this to chill lately I’ve noticed how much it brings me comfort, try and find yourself something that works for you and brings you the same, I won’t tell you that the problems will disappear because they won’t, but at least for the moment they are non-existent…

Just a thought really…

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