Brainstorming #4 ☔

I gave myself five minutes to just write and whatever came out I’d keep it and call it brainstorming, it’s a little rough for my taste but I can see where I was going with it, I’m far from a poet lol…

Moving on like car wheels i tire

Of a feeling that burns my insides like gasoline and fire

I could tell you for days all the ways of what I did I feel I require

But I know what I feel is no more than a desire

Even if you’re qualified won’t necessarily mean you’ll get hired

There is a silver lining, who would have ever thought my words would be something to admire

By real poets and authors something I couldn’t even begin to aspire

Not too bad for a social pariah

So letting it slide is what I’ll do

Tough as it is knowing all could and would provide for you

But with that comes the memory of stupidity and no reciprocation on all that I tried to do

I mean I gave a ride to you, to your finances place and waited an hour outside for you  

 But for every memory that I could tell about being selfless

The reality is that in doing that it in itself is being selfish

So I’ll let go I’ve asked all I could, and thru this I’ve already addressed it

Maybe then the pain won’t choke me like a necklace

No longer impeding my need to be expressive

And with that all of which is earned will be my own be it failures or successes

7 thoughts on “Brainstorming #4 ☔

    • Gosh thank you I could say the say thing about your wonderful creations, your approach is so delightful keep up the excellent work

      Hmmmmm try again my dear I’m not sure why your unable​ to like that it, I know a few others have liked it, try checking for it again maybe it was glitch or something, nonetheless thanks for the support

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  1. You need to click on the post to get to the like button, it’s not displayed on the homepage.
    Well done Cory! I can’t believe you can get this out in only 5 minutes. Most impressive! Thank you for sharing;)

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    • It’s like when inspiration strikes and I start writing its what I want to say directly, it’s almost like that one chance sorta conversation you know, if you had it what would you tell them sorta thing, lately I’ve wanted to try other forms of poetry as I am inspired not just by heartbreak, all in time I suppose…

      How are things on your end, hope the weekend was good too you and hope all is well, and even if not it’s ok it’ll turn around you’ll see…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sounds like a good way to write it out if you can’t speak it. I like it;) Might as well try some other forms man, i’ve been looking at some of them, there’s a lot of interesting ones i see people doing. I cannot complain, feelin healthy and the weather is perfect, getting the garden ready to plant, can’t ask for much more.

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