Tacos & Hot Tamales 

Hey there friends I hope all is well wherever it is that your able to see this and that things are chill, before anything else I want to welcome all the new followers that I have received from fellow blogger Just Me @ https://silentfall.blog she was so very nice as too send some of you guys my way and I could not be more thankful, in return I want any of you who are not familiar with her to give her a look, I can’t really describe what her blog is like, I would say that it’s a mash up of raw humor mixed with a bit of playfully dark elements while still keeping it light and honest, all that rolled into one kinda like a taco and who doesn’t like tacos rite, so yeah go support what she has going I’m sure you won’t regret it…

JM and I had a most interesting chat today, it reminded me that there are a lot of different kinds of people in the world, sometimes if you’re lucky enough you may just make a connection thru all the differences, and sometimes you wont it’s just the way the cookie crumbles, but I do want to say thank you so much for the inspiration and strength you gave me thru your blog, I wish you a lot of success, you were rite blogging on a level of success does take talent, it may not be what i have in your eyes but I’m satisfied with what I create, I try my best and do what I can to give love and encourage others to meet there full potential too…

Sorry I made things behind the scenes difficult for you, but remember this I’m one person out of the many that you say love and care for you i urge you too focus on them, it worries me that even in paying you the simplest of a compliment you took the time to respond the way you did, its negative energy dear your time is far too precious to be wasted on me in such a way, so yeah think of all the good versus otherwise​, I’m sure the warmth of love and acceptance is better than anything else really and I’m glad you’ve found it thru all the others your deserving…

So yeah guess that’s all, I know it’s not the response you wanted or expected but it’s all I can give really, your delightfully wonderful and intelligent well beyond having a silly feud with a nobody like me, your destined for greater heights I think, nothing changes the fact of us not seeing eye to eye on things in the past but even still I cherish those times we did share because when it was good it was great, one of those indescribable feelings, and even when it wasn’t I cherish it still as learning experience…

They say you only get one first impression so let mine be a silly one to all my wonderful new viewers, again guys I hope you like it here with all it’s random wackiness, remember to go check out JM @  https://silentfall.blog if you haven’t already you’ll laugh, cry, think, and learn too, it’s a really cool place, go with love and you’ll most definitely receive it back…

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