True Living Candle ~ Review #25

Never underestimate the power of a good scent, it’s what can turn a bad day at the office into a chill one at home, the smell of coffee is a sign that morning is here, and the smell of your favorite food means it’s time to eat, scent and candles are wonderfully powerful things, I got this as a gift a while back, I haven’t found a good time to give it a light yet but I hope too soon, I’m really excited for when I do, I took a test smell and it’s a mix of friut and starburst candies lol, definitely the sorta thing to chill too while listening to tunes and what not, if your into candles give it a test you may just like it too 😊

12 thoughts on “True Living Candle ~ Review #25

  1. Hello Cory. I love scented candles. I also make my own. I buy wax in the 10 pound block, white. I buy scents in different stores, including hobby stores or walmart. use a large pot to heat water, and a smaller pour pot to melt wax in. You can use color blocks or even crayons. There are online stores to get different vessels but you can make candles out of anything, old coffee cups, pickle jars, I even made them out of glasses we were going to throw away. IF you get into it I suggest thin small wicks instead of thick ones. Be well. Hugs

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