13 thoughts on “Mardi Gras

    • Hey friend I agree they are so very detailed and elaborate, I can’t begin to imagine the amount of time that must go into it all, what your see is a a Mardi Gras Ball various organizations do them with little tweaks but it’s basically a party, some have food and refreshments, some are concerts, there’s one I’ve heard where floats actually go thru the building that’s usually an outdoor thing 🙌

      One interesting thing about here in Louisiana there really aren’t any reasons to have an event, it’s festival season now so you just wait and see what comes up and go if its something that interests you😎

      Like pie ok go too the pie festival, like rice go to that one, seems every year the list gets a little longer lol, there’s an old saying goes something like no matter the name of festival it’s a party and a good time all the same 😊


    • You know I had the same thought, I said I wonder if people gonna think these are monsters or something, I notice they don’t show the Zulu side of Mardi Gras much on tv so most people don’t know much about it, but like you said it is there so why not show it, as truly frightening as some of it is lol 😱

      Hope your having a great day🌻

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