14 thoughts on “Some Of The 45s

      • I rarely listen to music. I normally have a podcast or news program on. When I do listen to music I like the rock I grew up with, 60s, 70s, 80s. Mostly soft Rock. But in my office I have my two computer screens and above them on the wall on the other side of the room is the TV. I use the 24 inch monitor for you tube, news, and podcasts. I use the 27 inch monitor for blogging and surfing the web. I use my Ipad for twitter and notifications, but I have to keep moving it as I have two cats and they each have a spot on the desk, one on each side. Hugs

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        • Now that’s one heck of a set up you have there, good to see a fellow podcast listener, I like the freedom of expression it brings and of course the lack of commercials, looks like when you are listening you have some good taste there, oh yes the beauty in two screens I remember making the transition was tough at first, then one day I thought to myself how in the world did I ever get by without it lol, great work station indeed πŸ‘

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  1. Whoa!! These are epic! Etta James! Prince! Stevie! Are these yours?
    I still have a vinyl collection … a rather diminished 45s collection … No Etta James though πŸ™‚

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    • Yes my love they are, I got lucky a lot of times for the most part, I try only get stuff from the thrift stores, the prices are better than eBay, and it’s the thrill of the hunt sorta thing…

      So happy to see a fellow collector, with such good taste mite I add, no one seems to really appreciate the 45s but sometimes you can really get lucky and find some good stuff 😊

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      • Oh wow!! Thats very cool indeed!
        Yes, when I can get out there, the thrift shops are the best! I’ve gotten some amazing albums from there. Yes, 45s are a little harder to find now, in good condition anyways.
        Well done Fellow Collector πŸ™‚

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  2. I like a lot of diversity in music, very impressive spread Cory from prince to wayne newton! I hear they sell more records now than ever before, not sure if it’s true but I heard it’s come back huge.

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    • That’s the way keep your mind open lots of good music to be heard, I need to get me one of those players I remember you mentioning a while back, think you said it was made by Google, how’s it been working out for you, is it worth the investment?

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      • Oh, the google home…Tough to say if it would be worth it for someone else. I use it daily so I don’t regret it, start up a pandora playlist with just voice, that’s mostly what we use it for, and random questions that come up. Not sure if that would be worth the $140ish investment for everyone.

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