African Black Soap ~ Review #33

Having sensitive skin is the worst, imagine never knowing what havoc a new soap or facial wash will wreak unless you try, worse thing is you have to try because none of what you used so far has worked, only in the end to be disappointed by lackluster results on the claims from the package…

Then came black soap, I don’t remember what led me too it initially I knew it always existed, when I’d go to the jah store for chewsticks and incense I saw it but I guess I just passed on it, then one day my sister who was starting her natural journey told me about the benefits of it and I tried it…

Like all natural things it takes time, I think this was the first natural item I ever tried so I thought after a week I’d at least see something but I was worse off then when I started, I’ve read other natural product users call this a purging period it differs from person to person but what’s happening is that the natural ingredients work together to draw out the impurities that dirt, pollution, and even previous soaps leave behind as part of the repairing process…

I remember quiting after about a week and a half, more waisted money I thought, it was nothing new came with the territory so on to a new product, I remember seeing my sister again after a while and I was in awe at her complection she was no more than a 17 rite in the heat of transition, to have such clear skin was breathtaking, I had to ask was there some new product or cream out, what was it that could give such amazing results, just as before she said it was black soap, I ended up giving it a second try after i did a bit of research and learned about the purge and stuck with it…

I hope this doesn’t come off as me putting this product on a pedestal of sorts, I just know that its worked for me and more often then not many things don’t, I remember before trying it again reading so many reviews of people​ who were in the same boat I was, I also saw excema users raving about it too so I guess it was more than worth it at that point…

Yep so yeah if you suffer with sensitive skin, acne, excema, or maybe traditional soaps just aren’t your thing and your trying to find relief give it a try, the good part it’s not all that hard to find all the major chains carry it as well as the beauty supply stores, just make sure it’s authentic and natural meaning no man made ingredients included, if all else fails do a google search, stay happy and chill 💙

8 thoughts on “African Black Soap ~ Review #33

  1. My boyfriend has really sensitive skin too so he has to be really careful also with what soaps, laundry detergents, etc he uses. I about had a heart attack when we were in a Bath & Bodyworks and this one lady working there took it upon herself to smear some lotion on his arm despite us saying he had really sensitive skin. He washed it off quickly enough that it didn’t do anything but I was so stunned that she did that.
    I’m glad you found a product you like so much and that works for you. 😀

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    • Oh no I dare not imagine how you must have felt that’s awful, reminds me of those awful perfume ladies at the mall no consideration, so glad he’s found found something that works as well, it’s a process 😎

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  2. Awesome! Another product I will try out! Thankyou.
    I think I’ve said before, we are a family of ‘sensitives’, inside and out 😉 As far as soap goes, I’ve found a coconut oil based soap I use, but it still wreaks havoc if i use to much … I’ve figured out in my journey that I can’t use anything that has chemicals in it or is highly perfumed.

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    • As I inspire you just know that the feeling is mutual as you inspired this, I’ve come to that conclusion as well, chemicals and perfumes just aren’t my friend…

      Best thing is this one is easy to find just make sure it’s authentic, try watching a few videos and see what it’s done for others and if it seems like some worth trying go for it, so happy I can offer something to help you out the way you wonderful posts help me 😊

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      • Awww thats so nice to say! Cant believe my rambles are helpful lol but I’m glad you get something from them 🙂

        And I will with the soap … I’ve actually got a little list now of all the things you’ve suggested, and it looks like we don’t have them in NZ, but I can get them all online at the same place … so I’m waiting till I have enough $ and a substantial list and then I’m In!! 🙂

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