Body Heat 1981 ~ Review #34

The things we do for love I swear, this is the steamy story of a well connected lawyer from Florida, a real ladies man if you will, take it or leave it he lives the lifestyle he lives with no shame or guilt, after having a night on the town be comes across, the beautiful and equally sultry Matty, of course  our dear friend Ned being the womanizer that he is aproaches her and the fun begins…

Matty is no saint herself by any stretch​, Ned can tell and waists no time going after what wants, we then find out Matty is a married woman, not that it would stop Ned but she the tells him she’s married to this older property owner guy, Matty says she wants out the marriage but with the strings her husband pulled she’d be left with nothing thru the divorce, Ned decides to put his connections to good use and says he knows someone who could take care of the old man, then they could live off the inheritance, a great plan in theory but Ned can’t help but think there’s something about Matty that says she has a plan of her own…

Do they go thru with the plan? Is there more to Matty than meets the eye? Does anyone in the movie have air conditioning? Every scene it seems they are sweating for some reason lol talk about body heat for real…

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