9 thoughts on “Don Curry 

      • It has gotten hard to find funny comics on the main TV comedy channels. Comedy Central started out with stand ups. HBO in the start had a load of comedy specials. Even netflix was lacking other than a few well known names. I found many on YouTube but the sound or video were not good and spoiled the jokes. Ah well good things are worth waiting for. Hugs

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        • You are so rite where have the days of good stand up gone, HBO was awesome not that long ago pure and unedited in all it’s cable tv glory, kinda begs the argument of what happened to tv in general seems quantity over quantity but like you I’ll wait for a comeback hopefully…

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        • Cable and broadcast days are about over. As soon as they can get internet to the whole country at a speed higher than dial up, they will die. The way of news, movies, reading papers and mags, including the premium channels like hbo are all going to be delivered online. We have gotten all our TV over the internet for years. We do have smart TV’s and apple TV on all of our many TV’s. I rarely use the TV in my office, as I prefer the computer monitors at my desk and can access everything I want. Saved us a fantastic amount. Hugs

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