7 thoughts on “Majestic ~ Cory’s Clips #67

  1. In the drive through nature parks when they tell you to lock your doors and roll up your windows they mean it. I have been through many of them. One the car in front of my truck was part of our group. An old man in the back seat rolled his window down because he was senile. A camel stuck his head in the window, stole and ate the man’s hat, stole and ate the old man’s snacks and was starting on his shirt when he was driven back. I had a warthog attack my tires and a giraffe step in the bed. Lucky for me it was a heavy duty truck. Hugs

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      • I also had an encounter at one park in Quebec where I was trying to maneuver around some long horned huge cattle of some type. They were in the way and I hit one on the head with the mirror of the truck. It shook its huge head, then lowered one of its horns down to within a hair’s width of the side of my relatively new truck. It walked the whole way down the side of the truck, but never once scratched the truck. I kept the truck rock still. If I had moved the truck it would have dug that horn deep into the metal. It was saying “OK shithead, try that mirror thing again and we redecorate your truck paint job for you” . Hugs

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  2. The lion one really scared me. I hope it didn’t kill the person, but it probably did. The one of Monument Valley hotel was nice. My husband and I went there 5 years ago. We drove on that dirt road. It goes in a long oval around many mesas. I love that place. So beautiful.

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