Superman VCD??? ~ Review #37

An interesting item I found recently, i’m not all that sure what it is, the collector in me dare not open it because it’s sealed lol, but i’m sure it’s worth no more than the dollar it cost me, seems to have three discs, i’m guessing it’s most probably a series of some sort, i’m not sure what VCD means maybe it’s the format they use overseas, sorts makes me wonder if I could even play it in an American player or would I need a region free model, all in all a pretty cool pick up worth it for the fact it’s Superman alone and it’s obscure…

3 thoughts on “Superman VCD??? ~ Review #37

  1. Hey Cory. I looked it up. Here you go. Hugs.

    VCD (also called video CD, video compact disc or “disc”) is a compact disk format based on CD-ROM XA that is specifically designed to hold MPEG-1 video data and to include interactive capabilities. VCD has a resolution similar to that of VHS, which is far short of the resolution of DVD.

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