6 thoughts on “Bird ~ Cory’s Clips #69

  1. Awww, haha that puppy looks so happy about being brushed at the end. ^_^
    I like the split from a tiger pouncing to a sweet little kitty pouncing. It made my brain go from “Oh, damn!” to “Awwww, kitty!!” really fast. lol

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    • I know I felt the same way I was like man that puppy looks so darn happy lol ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Yes awesome that you noticed the contrast lol I was hoping someone would notice, I thought they fit well togetherโ€‹, great observation my dear moth ๐Ÿ‘

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  2. Great post Cory. Ron and I kept replaying guy being rushed by the tiger. Oh my gods. I can’t imagine how terrified he must have been. I would have both peed and pooped my pants. Thanks. Hugs

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      • Cory that gave me a chill also. I had not thought of that. One free range park we drove through when we got to the lions they had two painted Jeeps with guys with guns ready, to shoot the lions if need be. They were not taking chances. At the time I thought it was silly. But we went to the Naples zoo and were able to stand within two feet of the fence enclosure for a white tiger. After the show they let him play in a water pool right there near us. There was a heavy thick plastic 55 gallon drum filled with water. Figure about 500 pounds water and drum. This tiger leaped up and into the water with a splash, flung his paw out, hooked the barrel and heaved it with one paw out of the pool and about 10 to 15 feet away. Just as quick and seeming as easy as you or I would have jumped in a pool and grabbed a ball and threw it onto the pool deck. I got the idea that these cats are far more stronger than I could have understood. Hugs

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