Sylvia Browne ~ Prophecy 2005 ~ Review #43

Here once again we have self described medium herself Sylvia Browne, oh man this one is an interesting one, the fact she somehow managed to fit so much info into one book is most impressive to the least, it’s broken up into three parts, the first is the history of all the major prophets thru time, the second is current day and how prophets and mediums such as herself see the world, and of course the third is what she sees for the future and how prophets will have to adapt to the landscape, there’s other things such as spirit guides, aura reading, and innersight scattered thru out for balance…

Can’t forget space travel and alien lifeforms and things, she really went everywhere with this one, so is it good well I guess that depends on the person really, I found parts of it entertaining, I guess I’d say give this one a look if it catches you interest kinda thing…

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