Danielle Steel ~ A Perfect Stranger 1994 ~ Review#44

So our dear friend Alex is walking down the street one day and he sees a lady crying, like any gentleman would he approaches and asks her what’s wrong, he offers her tissue to dry her eyes and when she raised her face it was love at first sight…

Alex doesn’t hesitate to share his feelings to his new found friend, he asks if they could take a walk around the the block, a bit of fresh air would help her to clear her mind, Raphaella introduces herself and we found out she’s the wife of a wealthy​ businessman​ in the city, Alex explains that he just went thru a bitter divorce and he sympathies with her as he knows the pain of an unfufilling marriage, they finish there walk and Alex asks if they can meet again and Raphaella agrees…

Things begin to take a turn as they begin to spend time and learn more about one another, there chemistry is off the charts so it seems, until one nite Alex no longer wanting to wait kisses her and asks her to leave her husband, Raphaella is shocked she begins to cry and storms off, leaving Alex to think about all that happened…

So what is Raphaella to do does she leave the security of her wealthy 80 year old lover, she isn’t totally happy it seems as her lover is bedridden, they have no children and all that is around her belongs to her husband, but then there is Alex dashing in more ways than she could ever imagine as a lover, he wants all the things from life that she wants and then some, and so begins the love triangle of sorts, it’s a tough decision but she knows only one lover can truly have her…

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