Danielle Steel ~ Palomino 1994 ~ Review#47

Dear Samantha success is practically her middle name, first in her family to go to college, only to get out and start her very own photography & advertising agency, yes life is wonderful until the unexpected occurs when she comes home to see that her husband has left her for another…

Needless to say Samantha is devistated, she begins to question herself and worth a lot, what could it have been she had the looks, she was educated, and money was practically no object, she begins to fall into a depression as she begins to wonder of it all…

She realizes she needs a break from it all, so she plans a vacation back home to a friends house near the ranch, life is good there she learns of all the things she had long forgotten from her moving away, and then she meets Tate…

Oh yes Tate the no nonsense rancher who’s never met a horse he couldn’t break, Samantha falls quickly something about the way Tate was so respected by fellow ranchers was intriguing to her, one night she approaches him in the stables and makes her move, all goes well but Tate explains he feels he’s less than her, after all what kind of life could he give a successful​ woman like her, they kiss once more and he rides off for the night, Samantha knows there was more in the kiss they shared and she’s not willing to take no for answer…

Will Samantha convince Tate he is worth it, will Tate learn his own worth and begin to find love again….

2 thoughts on “Danielle Steel ~ Palomino 1994 ~ Review#47

    • They aren’t that bad actually give YouTube a try, a lot of the videos I’ve been reviewing are there, seems like they had a show based on her books at one time or another…

      Hope all is well out there my friend, summer is here hope it’s treating you well…🌞


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