Funny how charenton kinda ryhmes with marry him

Just as much as carencro sorta goes with care no more

Reminds me of the preacher that beat you

And just how fast people will delete you

When they’re needs are not met when they greet you

Mixed with the irony of knowing it’s all but what life will teach you

Could there be more to it, maybe it’s all connected

For the end all of me being neglected

Or possibly reason for me being rejected

Yet they all say they were evenly respected

I wonder sometimes if it’s payback, for what I was way back

Hating the world for what I was forced to see from all the places I stayed at

But haven’t I done enough to tip the scales

I give freely to incarcerated father’s in jails

To mother’s with no food with kids who still remain frail

For as soon as it’s given, with the best of intention, it ultimately leads to another sale

Truth be told I’m tired of caring

More than that I’m tired of sharing

Feelings of worthlessness

Of a life that’s purposeless

If they only knew, what they’re laughter does when I enter there town

But who would expect a frown or me ever feeling down

After all I’m nothing more than a clown

9 thoughts on “Carnival

    • Wow thanks comming from you that really means a lot, you and a few others are so inspirational, I hope I can get to your level of creativity someday, for now I enjoy the moment of knowing Tamara liked my stuff lol 😊


      • Oh … no levels here mate lol thankyou for the compliment tho … I just respond ! What we do in our own spheres is gangstah in its own right … and if I’m right; you’v got some valuable shizz to say πŸ˜‰ !!! xo

        Liked by 1 person

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