1st Mix ~ Mixcloud ☁

Hey everyone just wanted to let you all know I’m going to start doing mixes over on Mixcloud, if you like the stuff you hear in the Cory’s Clips series or if your just a fan of music in general feel free to follow me there, I don’t plan to stick to any genre primarily so there’s going to be something for everyone there…

Definitely wanna give credit where it’s due for the inspiration and it all goes to Paul Bailey, awesome guy with amazing DJ skills, as well as an equally impressive blog to match, give his stuff a look and a follow then show some love when you get there he’s more than deserving… 

  1. My Friend (Saby)
  2. Heaven
  3. I See Right Thru 2 You
  4. I Want You For Myself
  5. Mysterious World 

11 thoughts on “1st Mix ~ Mixcloud ☁

    • Your more than deserving on both sides your writing and mixing inspire me, I hope to reach your level with both in time, they say the good ones makes look easy, and in this case it definitely holds true


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