Brainstorm #5 ☔

I gave myself five minutes to just write and whatever came out I’d keep it and call it brainstorming, it’s a little rough for my taste but I can see where I was going with it, I’m far from a poet lol…

For as much as I know you hate to read it 
Truth is I hate to write it

Yet you see my words again so I guess despite it

My best efforts too fight it

Were all in vain

As once again I release the storm of which is on my brain

I wonder sometimes of what was to became 

If insert name 

Were to give it one more again 

But what would it take to Ignite the flame

Mixed with having to douse the ones already roaring from the pain

Of what constantly remains 

Truth be told it all ends the same 

No matter the color, background, or knowledge obtained

From religious thots who claim pure to married women who creep and run trains 

To single mothers who wanna end it all like Cobain

Insecure ones who cant accept the idea of refrain

From the thought of becoming a plane 

Facilitated only by use of cocaine, with no shame 

I dare not ask what sort of injury one must sustain

To have such a thought be so deeply engrained

It’s like asking why the wind blows, some things just can’t be explained

All I know is at times like this my feelings can’t be contained 

11 thoughts on “Brainstorm #5 ☔

    • Truth is I had to find my way back to it, it’s not that I don’t wanna write, the dilemma was when I did I felt I was stuck in a box, naturally when I do free verse I speak on whatever is on mind currently just felt it was getting redundant…

      But that was then lol, I’ve found my way back and who knows I may do one and speak on the plants and birds you know nice stuff, or more interestingly inspiration could bring me to the world of Filthy, not saying I could do it anywhere near the way you do it but I could try…

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  1. Well Cory.. your mind has been wandering off zigzagging back and forth…

    Yet you came up with quite a deep and thoughtful poem…
    very poetic I should state…

    Good job 👏..
    well done 👍….

    Your brainstorming resulted in great formattation.. and the birth of beautiful poetry…

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  2. It’s a good start.
    #1, stop judging and censoring yourself and really let your truth, the shared universal truth flow.
    #2, listen more to the rhythm of the beat around you and feel the hip-hop.
    #3, love people and love yourself. create a gift you want to give, shared struggle, redemption vibration.
    Get the drift, Lift? Let it really flow. There is only do or not do. There is no try.

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    • I’m glad you found something of interest in one of my older creations…

      Gosh your very observant to have noticed the fact that I censor myself to a degree, not in the sense of what’s vulgar but in the sense it truly pains me to a degree too think of the situations that manifest such writing fully…

      I like that a lot I’m the same in a way always listening to the ever present beat of life…

      Yes good friend again you are correct love more than anything is most important, this is why the I haven’t furthered the series, I felt in some ways it was just to negative no matter how much I felt something needed to be said about what I was feeling…

      So now just as you suggested I focus on lifting, I still talk my problems just in a different way, all things considered you’ve just inspired me to bring this back, with a new twist maybe talk about the beach solar system or something lol…


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