Fefe Dobson ~ Fefe Dobson ~ Review #63

Great little garage band album, I will admit it is a bit pop in song structure but it works well for what it’s trying to do, thing I like most about Fefe is that she can actually play and she writes her stuff, there were just so many acts out at the time that were pushing an image before anything else, but Fefe is the real deal and that means something, overall it’s what you’d expect from a teenage semi rocker, songs of love and heartbreak mixed with wanting more independence, as it seems all teens do lol…

I really did enjoy this one I love the fact that the songs have a honest feeling to them, not that manufacturered go in the studio kinda thing, I adore her voice as well it took a bit of a while for it to grow on me as I thought it was a bit soft at first but after a few songs i felt it a bit more and it meshed well with the project, definitely worth a listen for a fan of emo i’d say sorta like Ashley Simpson just more authentic…

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