Necro ~ The Sexorcist ~ Review #66

As the old saying goes sex sells, let’s be honest here it does, be it eye candy on the TV screen selling you some crazy new product you just have to have, seriously I still can’t believe I saw Mr Clean twerking selling cleaning products, or maybe it’s that attractive person on any of the many romance novels you can find practically anywhere, shameless plug I’ve got a few awesome romance novel reviews in the works to keep a look out for lol, so why not have it be sold in music as well…

Here we have good old Necro, by the time I got this album I think I had heard about three or four projects before so I knew what I was getting into, but for those unfamiliar, it’s a hip hop album, it has that gritty New York style to it, sorta feels almost like a mixtape in away with all the little interludes placed thru out and what not, need I say anymore about what the albums about from the title so yeah…

I admit it may not be for everyone, but not everything in life is anyway, but for any fan of lyrical hip-hop I say give it go you mite just like it…

And if you so should happen to like it then I want you guys to check out fellow blogger Filthy Dee if you haven’t before some truly awesome dark erotica if your into it and a lot of other fun stuff too, this album reminds me a lot of what you’ll find over there…

Track Listings

  1. Who’s Ya Daddy?
  2. Pu**y Is My Weakness
  3. Who*e
  4. Edge Play
  5. Suckadelic
  6. Ron Jeremy (Skit)
  7. You Bit**es Love to Get Fu**ed in the A**
  8. Piss
  9. Katsumi (Skit)
  10. Out the Pocket
  11. Brittany Andrews (Skit)
  12. She’s Got a Great A**
  13. I Wanna F**K
  14. Van Styles (Skit)
  15. We F**k Virgins
  16. Horny Honeys
  17. Ron Jeremy vs. Jerry Butler (Skit)
  18. I Remain Stiff
  19. The Sexpert
  20. I Degrade You
  21. Vaginal Secretions

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