A Magician’s Flattery?

I can’t fully understand how someone can come to another person’s blog and expect to be able to tell then how and what content they should post, I’m all for constructive criticism but this idea of what acceptable and what’s not is insanity…

It goes a bit deeper but its such foolish negative energy I feel no desire in responding, but know that I will in time, just know you got my attention magician…

I wonder if anyone is as fortunate as myself, I sure hope not lol…

13 thoughts on “A Magician’s Flattery?

  1. Cory we all people coming to our blog’s trying to tell us what we can and can’t post because it’s not to their liking but see that’s the trolls that trolling around wanting to become someone’s energy don’t let someone be your downfall don’t let their words get to you it’s because they’re having a problem or the through wanting to be negative because you’re supposed to possibly help somebody out make your day brighter it could teach them something that’s reason why people that post things not only you would try to hoping that it helps someone along the way but they learn from the experience or situation or with the post that you posted maybe that it would help the you know and don’t worry about their criticism because that’s all that we hear from people nowadays is good to system or their negativity just be happy and what you’re doing by your post don’t worry about the small things and you’ll be just fine just a little words of wisdom that maybe will help you today and that you have a good day or evening just stay positive don’t worry about that foolish and negative criticism stuff that we all find on the internet that people may or may not like we’re not here to satisfy everybody we’re here to you know publish words and our stories to get it off of our conscious and to share with the world you know and it can be someone else’s story that you’re sharing you know that ain’t got to be personal to you and you know you’re doing great so far so keep the great job up Cory

    Stay positive friend!


  2. You can change a comment on someone else’s post? That gives me the creeps a little. I write what I want. So I wish more people read it? Maybe. Ultimately though it’s for me. It’s meaningful to me. If someone else doesn’t like it. Then they can move on. I Love your magician troll! I had so many of those little guys growing up ๐Ÿ˜

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