Shining Armor

In a way I’m flattered that I’ve some how been inspiring you to write

But I’m tired of trying to make sense of what here’s wrong or right 

I’m trying to take a break from it, but it seems morning, noon, and night

I face the same demons who shape shift into the form of you itching for a fight

I think you know well enough I’m close to healing from the others scorn

You don’t want what your asking for, you have been forewarn  

5 thoughts on “Shining Armor

    • I owe a lot of the inspiration to you, reading and learning and seeing how you have no fear in letting others know how you feel about whatever it is your passionate about is so rewarding as a viewer, as well as the fact you show your vulnerability also, the balance of it all shows your human, i relate to it a lot, thanks for showing others you can be yourself and still be accepted no matter what

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