A Talk With TJ

Yesterday was my usual hangout time with TJ, we meet up give or take once or twice a month and just talk or listen to music for a bit, he usually always calls sometime after the first week of the month, says it’s cause all his money from the first goes to his phone bill and insurance, money gets funny until he gets paid again later from social security, not all that sure how his situation works and I don’t look into it much I just take his word for it, i mostly just bring him to the store to buy cigarettes, soda and snacks, I think he reaches out cause unlike all the others he says I don’t charge for gas or anything, most people hassle a lot over his situation and try to take advantage of him…

TJ has schizophrenia says that he hears voices in his head sometimes, he’s not the first person I know that has said they have it, I guess from knowing beforehand a little bit about it he feels comfortable to ask, most people don’t really understand or want to be burdened with the troubles of mine or others, so he feels lost a lot at times he said…

Talking with TJ this time about all the things that he goes thru and the ability to talk about it with no fear really opened my mind to things, I mean he tells me his life and I didn’t judge at all I completely understand, granted on the other hand as he always says people will always judge or not understand fully it’s in our nature to do so at times, but if you put it out there and it reaches the people that it needs too that can support you with the issue that you brought to them, and if your lucky enough from that you can find some sense of relief then your better off than where you started…

I guess with all that said I wanna be like TJ in a sense, to not be afraid so much how the things that I think will be received , I mean I somewhat have a following of people and all I put out are lackluster reviews with the occasional mix or photo from time to time, yet something about it people like and are receptive too, I don’t fear the criticism as much as I know it’s just part of life be it positive or negative, who knows from it all maybe something positive could come from it maybe understanding or relief who knows…

So thanks to TJ for as much as he says I help him , I guess in so many ways he helps me too, and for that I’m thankful…

9 thoughts on “A Talk With TJ

  1. Well Said Cory. It shows far more about how good a person you are than T.J.’s condition, that you help him out without trying to take advantage over him. I respect how hard it might be sometimes to get the time and to bear the conversation if it is not making sense, it is a testiment to your personality that T.J. trusts and likes you. Ron and I knew a guy who was given only $40 a month in food stamps. A month. He tried. He would work if his health would allow it, but he couldn’t So every time we went shopping or he called and said he needed stuff, Ron and I would go get him. He would take his cart and go do his shopping, while Ron and I would do some shopping ourselves. We would meet at the register, and our friends cart was very sparse because he had no money. Ron would go through the register with him and if he was over Ron would pay the difference. Then I would ring out our cart. In the trunk of the car Ron would mix the bags deliberately, so that when it was time to take them into the house far more bags went in than came out of his cart. When he died it was not for lack of food, or necessary items. Sounds to me that is what you do for T.J. You give him friendship when others avoid him. You give him hope. You treating him with respect does far more for him than most will ever know. Great post. Hugs

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    • I like that a lot how wonderful of you and Ron, I’ve really noticed a lot lately we all need help in one way or another, he helped me too see that my worries and so it seems different way of thinking isn’t all that bad, I mean if people can accept the silly reviews I offer, I think almost anything is fair play after that lol, and even if i should put out something that doesn’t necessarily sit well, with the norm then it will be an opportunity to learn, unlike most I surely dont think I have all the answers…

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      • Cory you don’t need to have all the answers, you have your view of things. You have your belief and your opinion. IF people disagree they will tell you, trust me, they will tell you. Think of this, when you post a picture just by itself, people are not really sure what you are getting at. However if you post something with the picture now they can give it meaning, and at the same time they get to know you. People will show that they appreciate the time you put into writing your thoughts down. You are correct, when people help each other it is great for both of them. Be well. Hugs

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        • Such wisdom sir, question friend what are your thoughts on not necessarily fitting what would be considered societies norm, maybe there’s no such thing as normal at all as people are all different, it’s my biggest wonder lately, can there be normality in uniqueness, something to think about….

          Oh no I didn’t mean you as the viewer valuing my opinion from what I create, I apologise for the confusion I actually meant, I don’t claim to have all the answers like the people you will see I write about, strange yes I know but I’ve crossed paths with some very interesting folks lately, hmmmmm now that I think about it and give it thought if they are all knowing wouldn’t that make them a deity… How they say that’s a story in itself I guess…

          And yes I shall definitely give more thought to the viewer who sees all my creations lol, thanks for criticism much needed…

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        • Ah Cory you are good for an old man’s feelings. I don’t have wisdom above others, and my thoughts I share with you shouldn’t be taken as criticism nor even a critique. In fact I am thrilled to offer you my thoughts , so when you get famous as a blogger I can say I knew of your blog before you got world famous with all the followers.

          So let’s see societal norms. Well you can break it down to as small as your home and family, what is acceptable. Same with your school, your own group of friends, your church, every sub group has a slightly different “norm” to it. Now you hit a great point, we are all different in how we feel about things, how we understand things, and what we like to do or not do. Especially in our teen years. In our teens we are learning about ourselves, we demand others respect our individuality , yet we fight to all be alike and do what is “cool” and “in”.
          It seems to me it is a question of degree. Ever notice the people that others most flock to and think “have something”, the important people in our circles are the ones who really don’t follow others….yet they don’t go too far out of the lines of the community. THe guy who is a survivor living off the land is thought a tough guy in the forest, but would be called homeless and thought a lot less of if he tied to live that way in the neighborhood. So I think there is community norms. Yet I think it is important while living in the community that you stay an individual.
          I don’t like the way I phrased that, but I just had supper and can’t think how to restate it.

          As for some people having the answers. Sometimes they have the answers that work for them, but it wouldn’t work for others. Sometimes people just have a different way of seeing things around them, like T.J. did. He knew what it was like to feel as he did and how it feels to have people talk about him for it. People who have lived a thing can see the world different and they are the only one to say how it affects them. But their stories are interesting aren’t they? I have a social circle all of people from different nations, and I love how they see things, many at odds to how I see it.
          I love the idea of you adding your thoughts , stories, notes and feelings to your blog. Be well. Hugs


  2. You what it is, that keeps Me coming back? It’s You. You being You. Dude if I wanted grade A reviews and polished photographs, theres plenty of other blogs for that. I like raw and genuine. Those that are finding themselves in and through ‘mess’. It’s a beautiful thing to watch peeps discover themselves 🙂 And your music does that too.

    Now TJ sounds like a very righteous dude too 🙂

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