10 thoughts on “Beauty & The Beast

  1. I love theater. I use to work in the theater when I was stationed in Berlin. IN fact I was temp assigned to the theater for the length of several plays. Took about my last 6 months in the service. I did act but did not care for it. I loved doing lighting and sound, stage work, and stage direction. A couple times I did prop master but did not care for it. Have you done theater? Any interest in it? Oh what are your thoughts on Charlottesville? Hugs

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    • My friend Scottie the thespian pure awesomeness, I’ve seen four shows this year, I respect the craft to much to step on stage, does sound interesting what you had going this…

      I truly sympathize with those in Charlottesville, but a lesser publicized story is one closer to home New Orleans flooded yesterday, how fortunate I find myself entertaining a few friends, oh the excitement of it all lol…

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      • Hello Cory. I am glad you were able to accommodate the friends, that is good of you. I did not hear of the flood, yet I would think it was not man made and done with the intent to harm. That is what angers me so, the deliberate intent to harm others. Earlier I posted that I did not understand racism, but now I am just angry. Oh well, be well and safe. Hugs

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