Seroquel Chill #1 ~ Mixcloud ☁

A mix of lovingly smooth instrumentals to chill too, the inspiration speaks for itself…

  1. Voicemail
  2. When It’s Over 
  3. Time Alone 
  4. Scobby
  5. Try Again
  6. Game Over 

4 thoughts on “Seroquel Chill #1 ~ Mixcloud ☁

    • Know what my friend I love it too, I wasn’t really sure if I wanted to put this one out for the obvious, there was an edited intro i was gonna use glad I took the chance, thanks so much for taking a listen…

      Hope life is treating you well, better days on the horizon you’ll see, never give up…

      I use Mixxx to make these…

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      • It’s my fave so far man. Keep taking the chances! Life is good man. I cannot complain. Can always find something to chill on or look forward to. all that on free DJ software? must be a good program, impressive results.

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        • Well alrighty same here glad things are going alright…

          It all depends on what your using it for, what I do for the most part I’d say is sequence, the software won’t play the music for you lol but if I have a song I like and it’s lacking that umph I need then I use a kit or i manual add it myself, picture it like making a sandwich you got the bread, the beginning and end, what ever you put on it that’s your doing lol, hope that anology wasn’t too awful…


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