10 thoughts on “Boxing In Crowley

  1. Cory we now know that football is facing a problem with impact causing huge mental problems and long lasting symptoms into old age and death. Does Boxing have similar issues. Some of these people pictured look really young and I cringe at the thought of them having head injuries. I know nothing about boxing. Hugs


    • I trained at golden gloves for 6 months(never fought), I saw many people sparring get concussed on the regular. I’ve heard some gyms are better about keeping sparring sessions controlled. It is an issue for sure.

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        • I think spreading the information as to how to run a sparring session as safely as possible. There a DVD by John Brown, I think it was 10 points of sparring, had some very good advice that certainly wasn’t used at my gym. I don’t think age limits will fly and i’m not sure what else would work as a protective measure.

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