10 thoughts on “Blockbuster Video

  1. Hey Cory. I disagree with the word “good” in the title. I never liked the video rental chain. They seemed to never had what we wanted to watch, highly limited anything that was slightly erotic, we normally had to go out at times when we really did not wish to go out , and many times the tapes had problems.

    Ah the advantages of modern age in places with “broadband”, or as some say around here “a somewhat faster speed than we had”. We can get toasty on our favorite intoxicant, from our computer or smart TV’s order whatever we want to see, we can rent or buy. It all is so easy and never even have to leave home or put on clothing. So for us here at the Toy Box…it is good present days, and modern conveniences. Be happy. Hugs

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    • So true Blockbuster was notorious for never having anything spicy by there standards of course, I personally never went as it was out of town and there prices were more than the independent place closer…

      The independent rental shops were awesome, I remember they would tell you honestly if it was crap or not, and of course they had all the stuff the major chains didn’t and then some in the infamous back room lol…

      Technology has made it a better viewing experience, I will agree with you there, but what about the art of selection remember you only see what you search fof or anything related, back in the day you may have seen something out of catagory and possibly enjoyed it, I once mistook a shockumentary for a horror film an so began my interest in that…

      Oh man I just remembered those awful late fees lol, the somewhat good days lol…

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