Wayne Toups & Zydecajun ~ Fish Out Of Water ~ Review #71

So yeah lots of love to all my fellow Louisiana bloggers, I noticed the cooking lady is a follower of mine now, no love lost maybe now I’m one step closer to having enough followers too mean something to some people lol…

So I had this idea to reach out to some of the fellow bloggers from my area, I wanted to showcase all the things that make my little area unique from different points of view, sadly none of them took any interest in my proposal, this one lady who does a cooking blog had the best response lol, she says my number of followers aren’t high enough for it to be worthwhile enough for her to consider it…. Yep so what’s a blogger to do, well do it myself of course, why not it is what you guys come here for afterall rite…

With that out of the way here’s someone from home, I can almost guarantee you won’t see this one on many other blogs, which is a shame really cause I love Cajun music, it’s the sound of Louisiana and one I grew up on, Wayne Toups is one of the masters of the genre, I can’t really describe it, take a bit of country, mix some blues, add some soul and I guess you’d have Cajun lol, overall it’s a really solid album lots of songs to dance and party too, give it a listen you mite just like it…

Track Listings

  1. Fish Out Of Water
  2. Please Explain
  3. Chisel Without The Stone
  4. Rockin’ Flames
  5. Late In Life
  6. Sweet Stoup Shuffle
  7. One Heart Beating
  8. Ooh La La
  9. Night At The Wheel
  10. True Love (Don’t Leave Me Blue)
  11. Lovin’ When They Can
  12. Waiting For You

10 thoughts on “Wayne Toups & Zydecajun ~ Fish Out Of Water ~ Review #71

  1. I like it, yes I do. Thank you Cory , I had not really thought of Cajun music until now, and I find I enjoyed the song. I think hearing your thoughts and reading your views on subjects is great. It expands the world we live in. See for people like me who have never been to your great state I can learn a lot about it and the people by reading what you write. As for the lady who criticized your following size, she has a sad problem. It is not how many come to your blog, it is how many leave satisfied, informed , and happy. I am not even sure how many come to my blog or follow me, I never thought it important. Be well and happy and see you on the next post. Hugs

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    • How’s the old saying go size doesn’t matter rite lol, thanks for taking a listen and expanding your mind…

      Now for the real Louisiana experience, take your pick alligator, raccoon, or pig feet, every good Cajun has eaten one them at least once, any of it sound tasty lol…

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      • Well….as I am planning burgers and fries for supper, I guess I will pass. The gas station down the road sells alligator, and my uncle had pig feet on the farm. Never had anyone offer me raccoon. πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ€” Hugs

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  2. Not enough followers?? Pfft …. “move along … ” lol.

    And Cajun Music?? I don’t know enough about this … or even the area it comes from … but is it that banjo-ish sound that makes it Cajun or is it just the area it originates from? (and the description you’ve got here is pretty dam good btw πŸ˜‰ )
    Whatever … I like it πŸ™‚ And will do bit of research myself … thank you πŸ™‚

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    • Cajun Music is the sound of my state Louisiana as a whole I think, no matter where you go it’s appreciated to a degree, it’s accordion based for the most part, there are other sub genres which are cool too I suppose I’ll explore in time, it’s a pretty unique sound only found here for the most part.. thanks for taking a listen by the way as always it means a ton…

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