Give & Take

I don’t condone selfishness if it were up to me we would all love and care for one another the same unconditionally, that way in a sense there would never have a need to be met…

So what would you do? What if you do it and they dont keep there word? Does it end the friendship? What if you decide not to do it? Should that end it on there part? What is the true measure of a friend?

So many possibilities so many decisions, I’ll spare the details of what I did, but what I wonder is at what point does give and take come into play…

Reminds me a lot of…. Let’s call her Lucy, she always used to mention that nothing should ever be given with the exception of receiving back, for what it’s worth it sounds real nice and it has meaning, but what does does it say about the person if they never give in the way they were gave to? I always followed the idea of treat others the way you wanna be treated, but what does it mean if it never met equally?

I really don’t know or have the answer, I’ve only ever been on the other side of the fence, just something to think about really food for thought if nothing else…

I know I said I’d spare the details of what I did and I’ll keep my word on that for those involved and myself, but what I will say for those in similar situations or those who wonder the same, if you should ever feel unsure or if at any point you ever have to question the the motive of the person asking, its never worth it really, walk away it’s less stressful in the long run, life is all about give and take, but at some point only so much can be given afterall, if not what does it become then…

16 thoughts on “Give & Take

  1. Good post. I have a rule for lending money. First I need to check what I can afford. So if he asked me for $200. I would give $20 and tell them to keep it- that I haven’t got anymore. Its kept me out of trouble for the last 20 years. Others in my family have leant money and not been paid back. Its lead to all sorts of trouble and fractured relationships. My advice- give what you can- but mentally say ‘bye!’ to your cash. 🙂

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  2. As usual, you’ve given us another thought-provoking post. Cory, I never lend any money that I can’t afford to lose. I usually tell the person that it’s a loan but in my mind it’s really a gift. Once they offer to pay it back I tell them to help someone else who needs it.

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    • Why thank you my dear for giving it a read, money is a funny in a way, it’s the only thing I can think of that one could loan to another and once approached the borrower typically gets mad, mind boggling in a way, even after all the promises of a return on the investment, such is life I guess…

      I like the way you operate paying it forward is the way, many feel goods your way…

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      • I enjoyed this!
        It is kinda funny how people suddenly get amnesia when payback time comes. Some folks will either avoid you or pretend the loan never happened—especially if they think you can afford the loss 🙂 LOL!
        But yeah, the pay it forward plan works for those who are generous in spirit 🙂

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  3. If that was me I would roll without insurance for X weeks rather than hold out my hand. Sounds fishy to me. I would likely just knee jerk lie and say I ain’t got it man, sry. I am very curious what you did.


  4. Great post Cory! I remember someone once said before loaning money you need to answer two questions. How much does the person mean to you, and can you afford to lose either the person or the money. I figure If I get back what I loaned great, if not it was a gift. I want it back but it says far more about those who cannot or will not pay than it does me. I also have to judge need versus experience levels. Does the person know how to manage money and make it in the world but just had a bad patch which can happen to almost all of us non wealthy people. Sasdly it affects those with the least the most. I think depending on how you handle the request, and the loan if given, changes you for good or bad far more than the person asking. I think it will give you a chance to either grow as a person or diminish as a person. Be well. Hugs

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  5. Money money … hate the stuff.
    I haven’t lent it cos I haven’t had it, and now they’ve all stopped asking 😉 And if they do ask I usually laugh … “you have a car … you just bought new clothes … you ate out the other night … the last time I could afford any of those things was 2012” 😉

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