Tunz Muzic

Long before my thrifting escapades, back in the day I used to visit the music shops and just browse to see what was out there, i lived in the country and spent most of my time at my aunt’s place, all they had out there was Gospel and Southern Soul, which was cool but after discovering cable tv and a channel called MTV at a friend’s house, everything changed when I knew there was other stuff out there…

 I usually stayed away from the big chains Sam Goody was cool but it had gone really mainstream in its later years, so I stayed with the locals, one of those local places was Tunz Muzic, at it’s core it was a electronics store, they did phone and camera repairs, but for me it was heaven, thing about the local shops I found was they were more friendly, never any pressure to buy anything or get out kinda vibe, I think that’s what kept me going back…

I learned a lot there, the owners genuinely had a love for music as some were producers themselves, I knew most of the heavy hitters at the time but it wasn’t until going there I was able to gain a bird’s eye view of the local underground club scene…

The good NBA JAM cabinet, many a night I spent dropping quarters into that thing listening to live mixes…

This was the listening booth, another perk of going local was that they had a try before you buy, really opened my mind to samples, blends, breaks and whatnot…

Like all good things tho they eventually end, music just doesn’t sell the way it used too, and from that Tunz Muzic was gone, but not entirely I guess I still have all the stuff I got there even the promo mixes from the free box, its in the dungeon somewhere, and I have the memories too lol, that I think is worth more than anything really…

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