The Temptations ~ Puzzle People 

Let there be funk…

Track Listings

  1. I Can’t Get Next to You 
  2. Hey Jude
  3. Don’t Let the Joneses Get You Down
  4. Message from a Black Man
  5. It’s Your Thing
  6. Little Green Apples
  7. You Don’t Love Me No More
  8. Since I’ve Lost You
  9. Running Away (Ain’t Gonna Help You)
  10. That’s the Way Love Is
  11. Slave

    6 thoughts on “The Temptations ~ Puzzle People 

    1. Hello Cory. Are the albums you highlight from your own collection. My own experience with music growing up was really limited, far more than you could believe, so all of what you highlight I have never heard of. Be well and enjoy your good memories my friend. Hugs

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      • Hey there fantastic question usually these are just selections that I don’t have enough material I feel to write about it, but the music speaks for itself and maybe thru me putting it out someone mite find it interesting…

        Know what’s believe or not I’m the same way, in the future you’ll see a lot more personal pieces where I talk life and ask questions, and you’ll learn I actually grew up poor lol my exposure to different stuff is relatively on the new side, I’m just learning as I go, but definitely back in the day I certainly wasn’t out there hitting the shops, I don’t even think I knew they existed lol…

        Thanks by the way for you latest batch of videos they are really inspiring, no fear in questioning anything I say, only way to get answer, but what happens when you don’t get the rite one hmmmm?

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        • Interesting question. Right one? Yes. Well depending on the questions, talk , debate, agree to disagree or if a subject is serious enough and it is a core personal issue then a parting of ways. I have Parted ways only twice with people on the internet and that was only when personally attacked. We disagreed and it was OK I thought, but the two people got angrier and angrier about the subject. I tried to cool it off by only responding to direct assertions and not offering new material into the argument. However my refusal to agree with them caused both parties to attack me personally and tell me I was not welcome. I agreed I was not welcome and I left the conversations and de-followed the blogs. Since then they have liked and commented on comments I have made on other blogs but I ignore it. I do not comment on what they write. We run in similar circles you see so we see each others names and comments often. Did that answer the question or did I miss read it and go off on a totally wrong road? Hugs

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          • As always you’ve once again inspired me further, I’ve had a few let’s call them Interesting encounters myself lol, but actually I was only speaking generally I love the fact that you don’t take things at face value, just because someone gives an answer or insight into something as a youth does not mean it it is so, spoiler alert Santa Claus is fictional lol, lately more and more it seems I’ve been dealing with the realization that others not like us believe all there told, be the answer or statement wrong as saying the sky is orange lol, some people just won’t bend like the ones you mentioned such is life…

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