Crusade #2

They come so fast at this point I can’t keep up, honestly I don’t really have the desire to either sad really… Sorry for the ugly words and stuff, I don’t much like them either, I’ll just keep on ignoring…

I hope none of you ever go thru the same…

14 thoughts on “Crusade #2

    • No one deserves such but I am thankful that it be myself than another

      We came across one another thru blogging, eventually ending in me blocking myself from the “unique” way she spoke to me, as seen in Crusade #1 doing so would have the reaction it does now…

      These accusations are unfounded and hold no weight, there has been nothing of proof to warrant what I’ve received, but I’ll survive…

      While I do have have proof that the claims against me are false, I would much rather want to continue to promote positivity, I did these posts for the silent victims going thru much worse behind the scenes, maybe they can see they don’t have too go thru it alone, nor do they have too feel like they can’t speak up against a bully or otherwise…

      And now we return to regularly scheduled programming…


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