Carolyn’s Mix #2 ~ Mixcloud ☁

Gospel and inspirational mix in memory of my friend Carolyn…

  1. Isaac Carree ~ But God 
  2. Erica Campbell Feat. Lecrae ~ Help
  3. Deitrick Haddon LXW ~ Great God 
  4. Charles Jenkins ~ War
  5. Yolanda Adams ~ Open My Heart

    7 thoughts on “Carolyn’s Mix #2 ~ Mixcloud ☁

        • Awww … must be one of those days all round ay ! I hope your day gets better friend 🙂
          I found Yolanda on YouTube and then that took Me to half a dozen other songs I hadn’t heard in ages. Love the gospel feel 🙂

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          • Oooooh sounds like Yolanda took you a journey, so happy you took something from this series definitely let’s me know I can do more, so happy to meet another fan of the Gospel…

            Clue you in on a little secret lol, not sure when I’ll drop it but I have this awesome idea for a video coming, picture like one of these mixes with a visual twist lol, hope to have it out soon your positive vibes have really sparked the interest in me getting around to doing it… 👍

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