Ryhme #1 ~ Mixcloud ☁

Digging around and I found one of my favorite unsung mothers of undergrond hip hop, way before Nikki Minaj had the crown, even before Lil Kim was the queen of suggestive lyrics, there was Choice, outta Houston Texas on Rap A Lot Records…

She was as good if not better than most from the late 80s early 90s era, she had enough skills to hang with the fellas and her subject matter definitely made her standout, more than just being a female who just happened to rap…

Not all that sure whatever happened to her, gonna do some more digging maybe there’s some new music somewhere, for now we give credit where it’s due cause I feel like a lot of future MCs were influenced by her male and female alike…

  1. Stick & Move
  2. Nothing But Sex
  3. Think It’s A Game
  4. Minute Man
  5. Mr Big Stuff

3 thoughts on “Ryhme #1 ~ Mixcloud ☁

    • It’s a bit on the suggestive side for the time, made even a little bit today but if you like female hip hop go for it 👍

      Had a coworker tell me yesterday they liked the new guy in the office, she wasn’t sure what to do or how to go about it, so I told her what the best advice I heard in a while, I told her to stay green, threat life like a stop light 😊

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