5 thoughts on “Cuban Lemon Chicken ~ Cory’s Clips #90

  1. Looks good Cory. Do you like to cook. I do, but he kitchen has to be right or I get frustrated. I am not for white rice. I would have changed it out for either stuffing or baked seasoned potato wedges. If you like pork chops I have a baked apple stuffing pork chop recipe I use to use that comes out great. Be well. Hugs

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    • Do hamburgers and fries count lol? my George Foreman grill has become a staple..

      Oh my!!! 90% of all Louisiana dishes are rice based but substitutions are always welcomed in Cajun country, I myself grow tired of rice also truthful, believe it or not I don’t even like hot sauce lol, blasphemy I know lol…

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      • Hey a good hamburger is hard to cook properly. It is one of the few things I have to worry when I cook them. They have such a narrow range between not done enough and too dry. I am just the other way with hot sauce, I use it like ketch, I put it on about everything. 😀 Hugs

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